The Services You Deserve

Everyone claims to have “great service,” but the specifics are usually rather vague. At Coastal, we define “great service” clearly in the exclusive five step process we call “Home Team Service” designed to save you money, time and hassles at every opportunity:

Now Home Team Service has expanded with new services and solutions from the Regency Franchise Group. This means new opportunities to save time, money and hassles for our customers.


Imagine logging into your own corporate e-store and ordering business cards and uniforms for the new hire, supplies for the office, brochures for sales, and promotional products for marketing, a shredding visit for R&D and a service call for your network printer.

Any questions you have are answered in a single contact with service folks who know you and your business so your orders arrive on target and on time.

Your invoice arrives already coded correctly and the e-version imports easily into your payment system.

An acquisition process that could have taken hours only took a few minutes. You could move on to positive activities that help you and the business succeed.

This money-saving efficiency is the vision and reality that has transformed Coastal Office & Promo Products into Coastal Supply Solutions, part of the Regency Franchise Group.

Coastal Supply Solutions now offers a full array of business products and services: