Apps and the Old School

I like technology.  I love social media. I am app-addicted. I am stunned and amazed by how much its changed our lives in a very short time. It’s changed politics, friendships, buying influences, work habits,  entertainment-everything. Certainly, I am a digital dinosaur but even my little lizard brain knows the change has just begun.

For business, the change is deep, wide, scary and thrilling.  It’s seems everything is all about digital. Online everything. The Millenials are coming!  The Cloud is sexy.

But I believe it is a marketing mistake to think the “New School” is the only school. Traditional marketing tools and techniques combined with digital marketing can make both stronger and more effective.

a2 Theres-No-App-For-That

In the scramble to keep up with the speeding Bits&Bytes Bullet train,  I find myself rushing to force (insert latest social media app here) in my marketing plan, instead of examining my business objective and picking the right set of tools for the job.

Consider promotional products-all those items with your company name leaving a durable trail of brand impressions long after that online ad has left the screen. Advertising Specialties have been around forever, but they still work.  And, they often are overlooked as “old school” when they can be the key to enhancing digital campaigns.

Say you want to do an extensive online customer survey.  The results will determine the direction of your business.  Traditional estimate of survey return would be under 10%, but offer the right promotional product your returns could approach 80%, according to the Advertising Specialty Institutes’ annual study.

a1. Survey-Blue

In the 2016 edition of Advertising Specialty Institute’s eye-opening, Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study it stated that when considering cost per customer impression (every time a new customer sees your name), the average targeted mobile and internet campaigns cost the same as ad specialties (promotional items).

An added consideration, “Fifty percent of U.S. consumers own promotional bags. Bags generate more impressions in the U.S. than any other promotional item.”


Your average American adult male own 8 promotional hats.

a. Eight-Promo-Hats-Red_REV (1)

The  Impressions study revealed that Virginians consider the USB Drive to be the promo product that has the biggest impact on their opinions about the advertiser.  Sixty percent of those 18 to 24-years-old and fifty-one percent of those 25 to 35-years-old are likely to own a logoed USB Drive.

So, you should google up some flash drives from an online catalog for the Millenials, right? Not so fast! A promo product expert (like Coastal’s!) will point out that that target  market probably got a drawer full of thumb drives last year and suggest we find you the right product for your job this year.  It might something new and fresh, or a proven winner:

a4 Promotional-Shirt-Blue

As you consider your business objectives, seasoned marketing concepts and new technology tools are a powerful combination. Coastal’s promo and logo apparel experts can help you find the right tools for the job. Just another part of our exclusive, Home Team Service.

Our new partnership with the Regency group continues to bring powerful new opportunities to unify the “old school” with the “new school”. This includes having access to special values on promotional items, corporate apparel and custom printing all on one website, one delivery and one invoice to streamline your acquisition processes.

Click here to request a login password, so you can begin today.

Happily serving you,
John Wilcox, President

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