Cutting Your Paper Costs in Half

Sharpen Your Scissors ‘Cause We’re Cutting Your Paper Costs In Half!

Paper Price: A Pretty Penny (You Shouldn’t Have To Pay) Dear Technology, Thank you for your fancy screens that are ...
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Debbie & Samantha Owens

Rockin’ the Docks: Meet Coastal’s Debbie & Samantha Owens

Meet Debbie & Samantha: Our Navy Team The warships of the US Navy’s Atlantic Fleet lay right outside. Inside, Coastal’s ...
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Penny Wise & Pound Foolish

English scholar Robert Burton is credited with coining the familiar phrase, “penny wise and pound foolish.” Some of us can ...
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Buy Local is for B2B, Too!

Bob buys lunch from Jan’s Diner. Jan buys produce from Ted’s farm to promote daily specials. Ted keeps his accounts ...
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Spending Dollar$ to Save Dimes

Today's task list is long. You're looking to save time and money, but fighting to fit 12 hours worth of ...
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Apps and the Old School

I like technology.  I love social media. I am app-addicted. I am stunned and amazed by how much its changed ...
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Standing Out in the Internet Age

My head is swimming with possibilities and ideas. You've probably heard the initial report that the 2015 holiday online sales ...
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Something BIG is Here!

On January 1, 2016 Coastal will ring in an unprecedented level of convenience and savings for you, our valued customer! ...
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