Standing Out in the Internet Age

coastal-servicesMy head is swimming with possibilities and ideas. You’ve probably heard the initial report that the 2015 holiday online sales are estimated to have increased 13.9 percent from 2014. Astounding but not surprising.

I think you and I can agree that online sales has a lot of room to grow before it plateaus. An important priority for Coastal in 2016 is to stand out in the internet age. After all, we recognize that our valued customers can shop the globe.

Question: How does Coastal or your workplace stand out from competitors?

Answer: Utilizing our existing products & services? Maybe. But consider this first…

Take for instance a successful local Hampton Roads car dealership. What does providing free manicures and a movie room have to do with their core competencies of maintaining or buying vehicles? Nothing.

But if the customer has a chance to relax for a few minutes in a theater style seat or get pampered while waiting for their car versus sitting on cold hard plastic with a bad television…need I say more?

Besides lowering prices, how can we as business people add services that customers would see as a value?

Coastal has moved into 2016 with these thoughts in mind. Through our recent partnership with Regency, we are not only able to continue to provide our customers with office supplies, but also help with streamlining the supply process. This allows you to spend more time on your business and less effort on orders.

It is a New Year for Coastal! We’ve launched a NEW WEBSITE and look forward to coming alongside all of our customers as you experience a prosperous 2016.

Until next time,

John Wilcox

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