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Coastal Crew Home Team Service Connection: It’s Sandy Down On The Dock

April, 2023

An office product expert and the Home Team Service inspiration, Sandy’s awesomeness at Coastal is simply part of her character. This gal makes friends with everyone! Customers, neighbors, the lady down at the grocery store, you name it! She’s an all-around gem of a person that’s all too rare in this world.

Don’t believe us? Look no further than the Willoughby Bridge.

On your next morning commute over the bridge on Interstate 64, notice the last flag, and on your return home, listen for the music. That’s Sandy’s dock! Music, parties and cocktails are a norm at Willoughby Spit on the weekends ‘cause Sandy is a lady looking to live it up. And she sure does!

Parties aside, any passerby can admire her home. It’s an idyllic scene if ever there was one.

An Ocean View girl for life, Sandy’s beautifully kept home on Willoughby Spit is complete with one of the best-tended gardens in town. Be sure to take notice when you cross the bridge this spring because with the warmer weather, her carefully tended flowers will bloom spectacularly! You’ll almost be able to smell the blossoms from the bridge!

Oh! And to complete the scene, chances are that you’ll see two little doggos frolicking around her garden and dock. Those cute little shiatsus, Gingersnap the redhead and Koko Mocha the sweet coffee-colored cutie, are like children to Sandy. There’s no denying that those pups are living the life with such a kind and generous gal.

So remember, if you stop by for a visit, there’s only one way to roll with Sandy, and that’s by wearing a smile on your face (and keeping a couple of dog treats in your pocket)!

Want to know more about how Sandy can help you business? Get in touch and give her a shout out on the phone or email!

Sandy’s Phone: 757-719-5541
Sandy’s Email: